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NetworkQUEEN is your one-stop-shop to unlock networking secrets that will catapult your career to new heights.

NetworkQUEEN is a professional community of women at various stages who empower, uplift, help, and support one another. Having a strong network is vital to foster continued growth in your core competency, not only in career progression but personally as well.

NetworkQUEEN is also an affordable top-tier career advisement solution for young people looking for their first job, seasoned professionals looking to make their next move or transition to another industry. 


Hi, I'm Alexandra...

I’m an experienced broadcast journalist and communications professional who has a deep passion for making connections. Working in media, my entire career has been built on cultivating relationships. 

Every job I’ve secured in the highly competitive world of TV news has been done through, you guessed it, networking. I jumped 80 TV markets in less than two years with the power of networking. Additionally, I've spoken directly to top executives at Fortune 500 companies, major news networks & more through my networking techniques. I leverage my research skills from working in media to find direct contact information of hiring managers that can get you the job!



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Do you get overwhelmed by LinkedIn and have no idea where to start? Having a strong and polished LinkedIn profile is critical to effective networking. I will teach you how to refine your page and use LinkedIn in a way that takes your resume to the top of the pile when looking for a job because the most important people will already know who you are.

Feeling lost and don't know where to start? That's where I come in. I will give you a step-by-step plan to find clarity and chase what will fulfill you the most. I will guide and help identify where your skills would match if you are seeking the perfect career for you or going through a career transition.

I will help you find the contact information for executives and hiring managers at your dream company. Additionally, I'll help craft the perfect introductory email/message to those in your field that are hiring or that can direct you to a hiring manager.

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Morgan Fogarty, Anchor at WCCB-TV


In TV news, connection - both long-term and instantaneous - is the name of the game. We can teach reporters who to interview and what to ask them, but we can't teach them how to connect. Alex connects. Alex innately knows how to talk to anyone, about anything, and how to put people at ease no matter the situation. She is a supreme networker, highly and instinctually skilled at how to build strong, fulfilling connections both professionally and personally. Alex is a bridge-builder and a relationship-developer. She's the Network Queen - through and through! 

Sr. Betty Smoyer, Coordinator at St. Margaret's House

Thank you, very much for your earnest, informative and awakening presentation. LaCresha and Danielle continue to reflect on what you said.

One of the women who missed your session is asking for a makeup class. It would really help if you would kindly send your PowerPoint presentation so I can help her review the content you presented. While I can't be as compelling as you were, she can at least hear and see another woman's expression of how to build a resume and see herself in the job search growth process.

Caryn Little, Director Of Digital Content

I’m so thankful for your partnership and advise on building relationships in our community both personally and professionally. With your guidance, I’ve been able to make connections that have helped my career reach new heights.

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